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Envie Candle

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Envie Burnt Cedarwood & Vetiver
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  • Care Instructions
    Care Instructions

    ·  When you receive your piece, we recommend you examine your ceramic in good light to establish if there are any potential problems.
    ·  Please note, you don't always need to remove all dirt or stains. They may have historic interest, or it may be impossible to remove them without damaging the piece.
    ·  We recommend before cleaning a whole piece, test clean a small area to make sure you won't damage it.
    ·  Most ceramics can be handled without gloves, as long as hands are clean and dry, otherwise your fingers may leave behind a residue.
    ·  Do not use a dishwasher.
    ·  Avoid using household bleaches or proprietary cleaning products as they can cause irreversible damage. 

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Top notes are Violet & Bergamot Heart notes are Leather, Cardamom, Cumin & Spice Base notes are Sandalwood, Cedarwood & Labdanum Amber
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